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Andika Neno Monthly Scripture Reading Guide-OCTOBER *E-COPY*

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ANDIKA NENO OCTOBER BIBLE READING GUIDE- We recommend getting our Andika Neno Journal as an accompaniment to this guide. 

Forgiveness is such a tough topic, I won't lie. I have struggled with unforgiveness for so long. Yesterday, the Lord put this word on my heart and as usual, I went looking for Bible Verses speaking on forgiveness. 

You see, to every transparent with you, when someone has wronged me, I hurt so badly. And in that moment of pain or disappointment, forgiving them never crosses my mind. Sometimes, I would go to God and question Him for allowing something like that to happen to me. 

As I grew and matured in my faith, I came to learn that without forgiveness, I would be a hypocrite before the Lord. He can see my heart and so knows exactly how I am feeling. I started asking God to teach me how to forgive. I learnt that at the core of forgiveness, is surrender. The S word again! I have learnt that when I am full surrendered to the Lord, forgiveness comes easy for me. 

The realization that I have been forgiven of so much more, convicts me to be more forgiving. 
I invite you to take some time everyday and write down these verses and take small steps towards surrender and ultimately forgiveness. 

May God Bless you!

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